10 Amazing Burger Places

Amazing Burger Places

If you love burgers then you are probably looking to try out the best burger joints. Burgers offer you a delicious combination of flavours and you can get your fix of proteins and carbohydrates all at once. Finding the right burger joint is essential to finding the perfect burger. Here we will look at four amazing burger places that you definitely need to try.


BurgerFi is a fast-food chain that is located across the United States and in some places in Canada. They focus on using sustainable and fresh ingredients. Some unique toppings that BurgerFi offers are their tempura-fried onion strings and guacamole. BurgerFi also has a variety of options available for vegans and vegetarians. They also serve hotdogs and plant-based burgers under their Beyond Burger brand. The best part about BurgerFi is that you can customize your own burger or use one of the restaurant’s signature burgers as a base.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is an American fast-casual restaurant chain that is located in the USA, UK, Middle East, and more. Burger lovers must try their cheeseburgers, which are made of finely chopped and seasoned beef. The burgers come with the restaurant’s special sauce and are served on a buttery soft potato roll. Other than burgers, they offer hotdogs, fries, salads and more. Shake Shack also has a selection of alcoholic beverages and shakes.

Five Guys

Five Guys is a chain of fast-food restaurants that has more than 1,500 locations across the world. It is known as one of the most popular burger places in the US. The restaurant is famous for its all-natural and freshly prepared burgers. Their bestselling burger is their Little Bacon Burger, which is made from their fresh ground beef and topped with slices of bacon. They also offer grilled cheese burgers, veggie burgers, and more. They also have unique toppings like jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, and more.


In-N-Out is a regional fast-food chain that is famous for its fresh and handmade burgers. The burgers at this chain are made of locally sourced ingredients and are cooked to order. The burgers are available in various sizes and with various toppings. In-N-Out also offers different milkshake flavours like Oreo, strawberry, and chocolate. They also offer salads and combos, plus they have an Animal-style range of burgers. 


Whataburger is a fast-food restaurant chain located in the US that is famous for its signature burgers. The burgers feature a toasted, 5-inch bun and a thick patty made from 100% pure beef. Whataburger also offers thick-cut French fries and plenty of burger toppings to choose from. You can also customize your burger according to your preference.

Bull City Burger and Brewery

Bull City Burger and Brewery is an award-winning burger restaurant located in Durham, North Carolina. They source the majority of their ingredients locally and make the burgers with fresh patties that are ground in-house. The burgers are served on fresh-baked buns and are accompanied by a variety of unique sides and sauces. The restaurant also features plenty of craft beers on tap, along with red, white, and sparkling wines.

Danny’s All-American Diner

Danny’s All-American Diner is a local restaurant in Virginia Beach, Virginia, that is known for its big and juicy burgers. The restaurant often offers specials that range from classic burgers to more creative ones. The Starboard Burger, for instance, makes use of juicy, hand-pressed beef patties and house-made coleslaw. The burgers also come with crispy and delicious fries on the side. 

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar is a funky burger spot in Los Angeles that offers burgers with a twist. Their burgers are made with USDA Prime beef and come with unique toppings like BBQ pork belly or pastrami. You can also customize your own burger or you can try one of the restaurant’s signature burgers. The restaurant also serves fancy milkshakes, fries, and sides.

Tops Burgers

Tops Burgers is a California-based restaurant chain that offers some of the best burgers in the state. What sets the burgers at Tops apart is the freshness of their ingredients. They use fresh, hand-pressed patties to make their burgers and top them off with their own original sauce. The burgers are served on grilled buns and come with a range of toppings. If you like your burgers cooked to perfection, then Tops is the place for you.

Umami Burger

Umami Burger is a chain of gourmet burger restaurants that is located in California, New York, and more. The burgers here are made from Angus beef and come with specialty toppings such as the signature Umami Truffle Glaze. The restaurant also offers other options such as vegetarian burgers and vegan burgers. Umami Burger also serves sides, shakes, and craft beers.


Burgers can be served up in exciting and unique ways, depending on where you get them. Here we highlighted some of the most amazing burger places that you should try. Forbes Pro Magazine recommends trying BurgerFi for its sustainable and fresh ingredients, Shake Shack for its unique cheeseburgers, Five Guys for its all-natural and freshly-prepared burgers, In-N-Out for its handmade burgers, and Whataburger for its signature burgers. For those who enjoy locally sourced ingredients, check out Bull City Burger and Brewery. Danny’s All-American Diner serves up big burgers, while Plan Check Kitchen + Bar is known for its creative burgers. If you’re looking for fresh ingredients, be sure to try Tops Burgers, and for those who want to indulge in gourmet burgers, Umami Burger is a must-visit.

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