Football Betting Tips Help You Assess The Performance of a Team


One of the biggest reasons why players lose in football betting is due to mistakes in assessing the team’s performance. Mistakes often appear when you rely on only a few factors to make a conclusion. Therefore, in order to help players evaluate their performance most accurately, we will share a few football betting tips  and  how to play on slots Uganda to help you be more effective in assessing the performance of your chosen team.

4 Things to Always Follow

  • Rank the teams they’ve beaten and how easily they won.
  • Compare recent head-to-head performances.
  • Style of play: What influences the style of play each team has in each match?
  • Goals – compare the number of goals scored and conceded by each team.

With the above 4 things, you can make a relatively objective assessment of the performance of the team you choose. However, this is still not enough to make a realistic assessment. You need to apply more football betting tips below.

Ceiling Results, Bottom Results

Usually, each team has its own ceiling and bottom. They usually never lose more than a certain number of consecutive matches or win more than a certain number of consecutive matches; let’s call it the ceiling and bottom. To track this, you need to spend time researching the performance of a team over two to three seasons close together in the same league. However, sometimes there are still certain errors, like in the case of Liverpool season with more than 40 games without losing, but they will happen less often, and we will need to apply other football betting tips to evaluate the performance of the team. these cases.

Home and Away Yards

Assessing performance based on home and away factors is also a football betting tip that should be applied regularly. Because in football, there are teams whose performance at home is completely different from their performance away. So even if they have won three matches in a row but are all playing at home, in the fourth match if they have to go away, players should also consider this to avoid misjudging their performance.

Head-to-Head Record

In football, there is an element called “dirty cavalry,” which means that, despite the difference in level, there will still be teams that compete very well against their favorite opponents. On the contrary, there will also be teams that often lose to their archrivals. With this factor, we need to ignore most of the recent performance parameters, ceiling results, bottom results… because this bad case is basically outside the usual statistics.

For example, in the EPL season, MU, although showing a somewhat unstable performance, still defeated the mighty Manchester City twice at home and away. To a certain extent, the dirty element appeared in this matchup. In addition, it can also be mentioned the case of Arsenal when facing Bayern Munich, even at the time of possessing the most powerful force.

International Holiday

The last football betting tip to help you gauge your form is to take note of the international holiday. This is often overlooked by players. A long vacation can make the players lack feeling with the ball, sometimes accompanied by subjective psychology or not yet “heated up.” Therefore, you should not take the results of the last matches into account but play before the break to evaluate the performance of a team.

An example to make it easier for players to understand. Suppose on June 30 to end the EPL season with the last match being Everton vs MU. There, MU had a 1-0 victory, extending the unbeaten streak to 3. However, then the season ended and the players took a break. In the new season, the first match is MU vs. Norwich. To evaluate MU’s performance, you cannot rely on the information from the series of three unbeaten matches at the end of the last season but must use other information. to have the most realistic assessment.

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