Growing Importance of PMP Certification in Toronto

PMP Certification Toronto

A recent PwC survey states that a certified PMP project manager can easily handle maximum high-performing projects. Also, companies with managers with PMP Certification Toronto have much better project success than companies that do not have such managers.

What is a PMP Certification?

Project Management Professional or PMP is a globally recognized professional certification that is given after completing the course. This certification is mainly offered by the Project Management Institute or PMI. A well-recognized and respected credential, PMP is considered one of the most essential requirements for project managers. 

Is PMP Certification Worth It?

Now that it is known, what PMP is about, let’s get back to the original question: What is the need for getting a PMP certification? 

  • Expensive: Apart from the cost of the exam, there are several other costs that one might incur during the preparation for the exam. These mainly include the cost of PM training sessions, preparatory books, sample questions, and many more. 
  • Difficult: If the exam were a cakewalk and anyone could pass it easily, would it be valued this much? The prestige of this certification lies in the difficult standards required to clear and maintain the certification. 
  • Time-consuming: PMP application needs the person doing it to document all the projects they executed. They need to write all the minutest detail about these types of projects. Sounds simple, but is not easy and requires lots of time. 

Benefits of Doing a PMP Certification

  1. It Adds Value to The Resume: There are several professional certifications that one can pursue throughout their career. But, among all those, PMP certification is the most valuable certificate program. Project management jobs have high demand. PMP certifications are extremely valuable if anyone plans to advance in the current company they are working for. It can put anyone way ahead of their colleagues in terms of moving up the career ladder.
  1. It Provides Industry Recognition: PMP certification is recognized universally. Many certification programs focus only on a specific domain. PMP is global and works along with any industry and in any location. So, regardless of the professional background and industry, one can gain by adding the certification to their resume.
  1. Helps in Learning Crucial Skills: There are numerous project managers in the job market. More significantly, PMBOK certification teaches crucial skills to excel in their career.

PMP certification has high standards. As such, it is not easy to clear the exam without extensive preparation. Moreover, it requires people to master the practical application of the material. Besides, the basics of project management, it builds the knowledge of tools, techniques, and methodologies.

  1. It Contributes to Higher Income: The biggest draw of the PMP certification is the higher salary it pays off to its project managers. Across industries, the average salary of a certified project manager is considerably higher than others.
  1. It Also Provides Networking Opportunities: When anyone signs up as a PMI member, they become a part of that club. PMI arranges frequent meetings for members residing in the major cities of the world. These meetings are mainly arranged to help the members earn Professional Development Units (PDUs). 


In summary, these are the main 5 reasons to join PMP certification in Toronto. But many hiring experts treat PMP certification as a crucial credential that adds credibility to their resume. 

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