Event Was Another Successful Edition Of Ware Aurora

Ware Aurora

Ware aurora is a yearly event held in Japan since 2013. It is a global gathering of people, mostly youth, to discuss some of the world’s most pressing issues on sustainability and science. The 7th edition of this event was held in Kobe City, Japan on November 16-19, 2019. The event brought together over 950 participants from more than 50 countries to discuss timely topics such as climate change, environmental protection, global equity, and more. ware aurora provides a unique platform for real dialogues and exchanges among young people, civil society, and other stakeholders, and this article will offer an overview of the event’s 2019 edition.


ware aurora was conceived in 2013, as a way to bring together young people and representatives of the civil societies and governments around the world for conversations and dialogues that tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues. ware aurora is organized by a coalition of non-profit organizations and universities, who come together to create an inclusive and diverse environment for conversations, presentations, and interpretation of a selection of topics. ware aurora’s annual meeting is structured around five themes: Sustainable Development Goals, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Communities, Responsible Business, and Social Innovation.

Highlights of ware aurora 2019

The main event of ware aurora 2019 was held in Kobe City, Japan on November 16-19, 2019. The event was attended by over 950 individuals and representatives of the civil society organizations, governments, and private sector companies from more than 50 countries. ware aurora 2019 had five main themes, which were Sustainable Development Goals, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Communities, Responsible Business, and Social Innovation.

Sustainable Development Goals 

This main theme discussed how individuals and organizations can leverage the sustainable development goals to create real, tangible change. Discussions focused on environmental impact assessment, resource utilization, and climate change.

Renewable Energy

This main theme focused on energy solutions and solutions for sustainable energy use. Participants discussed ways to make energy solutions equitable, efficient and accessible for all. 

Sustainable Communities

This main theme discussed ways to develop strong, resilient social and economic systems in order to address global issues. Participants discussed strategies for establishing sustainable communities, building resilient and inclusive infrastructure and developing innovative solutions.

Responsible Business 

This main theme discussed the need for responsible business practices that contribute to global sustainability. Participants discussed approaches for promoting sustainability in the supply chain, innovation management and corporate social responsibility.

Social Innovation 

The Social Innovation theme focused on creating innovative solutions that can tackle the global environmental and social challenges. Discussions centered around digital solutions, disruptive technology and the potential of blockchain.


ware aurora 2019 was an opportunity for individuals and organizations to collaborate and come up with innovative solutions to tackle some of the world’s pressing issues. It provided an inclusive platform for dialogue, learning, and exchange of ideas and solutions, while also creating an international group of committed stakeholders. The 2019 event was another successful edition of ware aurora and it is hoped that the participants can use the knowledge and ideas acquired at the event to help create global solutions for sustainable development.

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