Look Your Best in Cocktail Attire to a Wedding this Season with Help from Fashion Stylists

Cocktail Attire

Weddings can be such lovely affairs, but they can also be intimidating when it comes to what to wear. We’ll let you in on the fashionnewzroom.com secret, cocktail attire is the answer! To make sure you stand out in all the right ways, let’s see what the stylists have to say about the best looks.

Be Special

When a wedding is marked as “cocktail attire,” you know you can go a little more formal than the usual office dress code, but not as far as a comprehensive evening gown. For the ladies, this is the perfect chance to show-off in a semi-formal outfit. A stylish jumpsuit or pencil skirt/top combo looks amazing and unique. If showing off isn’t your thing, you can take the crowd safe route with an elegant dress.

For the guys, the right shade of blue is the ultimate pick. You could keep it light or go dark, but make sure you’re standing out in a crisp shirt and an accompanying tie. A single-breasted suit in black or grey is the picture-perfect choice. Wear them with a bow tie or regular necktie and a pair of oxfords to look the part.

Spruce Up

Accessories like necklaces, bracelets and brooches are recommended for the ladies. Finish off a smart look with vintage-style earrings and bracelets, but don’t go too crazy on the jewelry. Keep it simple and subtle! In the same spirit, choose carefully between cocktail rings and drop earrings because overdoing it can take away from the perfect look. For a chic look, a classic, lace shawl is always in fashion.

On the other hand, the gentlemen don’t have the same luxury on display, but the right cuflinks and military-inspired cuff bracelets plus a dress watch can do wonders. Hold all the necessary items in a clean, leather wallet, and don’t forget the pocket square. You can always go with all-black if you’re indecisive, but it’s a good occasion to show a bit of panache.

Shoes Make the Man (or Woman)

No matter the type of wedding, your shoes are always a great opportunity to up the style game. The ladies can choose between classic heeled pumps, strappy stilettos, dainty wedges or elegant flats. You can go classic or contemporary with the choice, but one thing remains constant – pointed toe shoes are always a winner.

For the gentlemen, the choice is limited to dress shoes, but there are still plenty of options to exhibit an eye for fashion. Opt for sleek loafers or brogues, depending on whether you’re going for classic or modern. Skip the dress sneakers, even if they’re trending.


For our Fashion Newz Room recipe for a perfect cocktail dress for 2024 wedding season, combine a chic formal look with the right accessories and top it off with classy shoes. If well-executed, you’ll look your best at the ceremony and be the life of the after-party!


Q: What is considered cocktail attire?

A: Cocktail attire is a step above the usual office dress code, but not as formal as an evening gown or a tuxedo. Ladies can choose between pants, skirts and dresses while men can go with a single-breasted suit, shirt and tie, or formal dress shirt and trousers.

Q: How can I make my outfit stand out?

A: The accessories are where you can truly let your personality shine. Add a classic, lace shawl for the ladies, or cuflinks and military-inspired cuff bracelets plus a dress watch for the guys. Ideally, pick items that bring out the best of your look without going overboard.

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