Simple Methods to Find Out Who Called You from This Number

Simple Methods to Find Out Who Called You from This Number

Receiving calls from unwanted phone numbers can be frustrating if it happens frequently. Unfortunately, nowadays, the number of scammers has increased. On top of that, telemarketers are also constantly trying to irritate people by calling them regularly. This only means most calls you receive from unknown numbers are not legitimate. 

Yet again, you cannot ignore such calls because there are chances that it is from someone you know. Hence, you have to find out who called you from this number to know more details about the unknown caller before receiving or calling them back again.

1. Use a Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tool:

While all the methods listed to find out the unknown caller’s identity are great, they are not 100% effective. Search engines such as Google can be used to figure out the unknown caller’s identity. But yet again, as Google does not specialize in reverse phone number lookup, it may not offer you the desired results.

Instead, why not make use of platforms such as WhoCallMe designed for answering the question “who called me”. A reverse phone lookup tool uses the phone number of the unknown caller as the input and searches through its database to find out all the information about the caller. 

There are many platforms available online that do this. Hence, you may get overwhelmed in picking one that works best for you. To simplify your task, we have chosen a free tool with features like premium reverse phone lookups.

The Reverse phone lookup platform WhoCallMe can be used to find out the identity of the unknown caller. It makes use of public directories and other sources to update its database regularly so that the results generated by the lookup are accurate and reliable. 

On top of that, it is an easy-to-use platform with no bells and whistles. It does not just offer you the identity of the caller but gives a comprehensive report of details of the unknown caller. Now you can get more information about the caller, such as their alternative phone number, home address, work address, previous address, acquaintances, and much more. 

Simple Methods to Find Out Who Called You from This Number

WhoCallMe can quickly generate the search results even with an area code only withint a few minutes, which makes it one of the best ones out there if you are looking to figure out the unknown caller’s detail. To avoid scam calls, learn more about WhoCallMe.

2. Let It Go to the Voicemail:

Voicemail is one such feature that can help you figure out the identity of the unknown caller at times. Usually, scammers, spammers, or telemarketers do not leave any messages on your voicemail. This means that you can ignore such calls. On the other hand, if it is an acquaintance, they will leave a message on your voicemail as well. Hence, you can get back to calling them later.

There is a possibility that the scammer may also leave messages on your voicemail to confuse you and make you feel that it is a legitimate call, so your judgment also matters here. Listen carefully to the voicemail to determine if you trust the caller to call them back or if it is a scam. It may not be a foolproof method, but it can help you, to a certain extent, to identify the unknown caller.

3. Contact Your Phone Company:

Another straightforward method to learn the unknown caller’s identity is by calling your service plan provider on your phone. Mainly, they can reveal the unknown caller’s identity with a few searches they make in their system. Apart from that, your phone company can also help you with additional services, such as blocking the number. You must note that some phone companies may charge extra for these services, while others may not. Hence, get the details about the incurred charges before proceeding with the method. 

4. Dial *69:

Scammers may use anonymous or hidden calls so that your caller ID cannot trace the phone number from which they are calling. Use *69 to trace back the last person who contacted you. Even if it is a hidden call, *69 can help you get the phone number and exact time they called you.

Once you get hold of the hidden-phone number, it can be used to block the phone number so that the scammer cannot call you anymore.

Another method is dialing *69, which gives you the option to call back the number immediately. This can be used to confront this scammer, but do not expect them to provide you with their information directly or even remove your phone number from their list.

5. Dial *57:

Like *69 dialing *57 can help you trace the unknown number from which you have received the spam call. *57 can help you get information on the phone number from which you have received calls. When you dial *57, the information you obtain can be passed to the authorities. Your phone service logs the *57 calls in a special way, which helps authorities to locate who is harassing you and take necessary actions. 

*57 can be used if the anonymous caller has contacted you too often, and you need to take some action against them. After you call *57, call the cops along with a written log of the calls from the harasser so that the authorities can act accordingly.

You must note that many phone companies charge extra when you use *69 or *57 calls. Hence, additional charges may incur in your bill, which you should not be surprised about. Also, not every phone company offers these services, so you have to check with yours if it does. 


Well, most wanted calls you received from unknown numbers are just nuisance calls with no real danger. But of course, answering such calls is not advisable without learning the identity of the caller. These scammers can also call you from an anonymous number that you cannot see on your caller ID. They may be calling you from an international code, which means you will be charged a hefty fee by your carrier if you answer such calls. There are several factors why figuring out the identity of the caller by making use of the methods listed above is essential for your safety and Peace of Mind. 

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