Understanding the Current Hypebeast Trends

Understanding the Current Hypebeast Trends

In recent years, the streetwear trend has taken the fashion world by storm. The trendy look which emerged from the skate parks and hip hop culture of the 00s is now found everywhere from the music industry to high fashion, dominating the fashion industry feel to all walks of life. Among the many faces of streetwear is the “hypebeast” trend which has become hugely popular in recent years. Defining hypebeast as simply a lover of rare and exclusive fashionable items, understanding hypebeast trends can be difficult for those not familiar with the culture; however, in this article, we will delve into the deep depths of hypebeast fashion and provide an in-depth look into some of the most current trends.

 What is Hypebeast?

 Hypebeast is a term that is used to describe an individual who is a lover of rare, exclusive, and usually expensive fashion pieces and items. Hypebeast fashion is typically influenced by the style of hip hop artists, skateboarding and street culture, with an emphasis on exclusive, high-end and often limited edition items. The term “hypebeast” itself is derived from the term ” hype man”, which reflects the individual’s enthusiasm for seeking out rare and exclusive items. 

 How to Spot the Must-Have Streetwear Pieces

When it comes to hypebeast fashion, there are certain items which must be included in any wardrobe to stay on-trend. These items tend to come and go, so it’s important to keep an eye out for the latest trends. Some must-have streetwear pieces include graphic tees, dad hats, sneakers, wide-leg pants, military jackets and practical backpacks. 

The Rise of Logomania

With the increasing popularity of graphic tees and other streetwear pieces, logomania has become a major trend. Logomania refers to the trend for wearing clothing with logos and brand names on them. The logos typically used in hypebeast fashion are usually those of luxury and streetwear labels, such as Supreme, Off-White, Nike, Adidas, and many more. 

Sneaker Collecting 

Sneakers are one of the most important pieces of streetwear and are a key component of the hypebeast trend. Sneaker collecting has become a major hobby for many people, with some investing a great deal of time and money into collecting rare and limited edition sneakers. From the iconic Nike Air Jordan’s to the ever-popular Adidas Yeezy’s, collector’s can often pay a premium price for their coveted sneakers. 

The Power of Social Media

Social media has become a major influence on the streetwear and hypebeast scene, with many fashion influencers and celebrities taking to the virtual platform to connect with brands and show off their street-style looks. Social media is now being used as a platform for brands to launch new collections and announce upcoming drops. 


Hypebeast fashion is becoming increasingly popular, with its adoption by many celebrities, fashion influencers and streetwear labels. Understanding the current hypebeast trends can be difficult for those not familiar with the culture, however this article has provided an in-depth look into some of the most sought after items. From the iconic Nike Air Jordan’s to the ever-popular Adidas Yeezy’s, trends like logomania and sneaker collecting have become some of the most sought after elements of hypebeast culture. With the help of social media to show off looks, hypebeast fashion has taken centre stage in the fashion industry.

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