Rumor Mill Suggests Upcoming ‘huge’ Dlc For Elden Ring

Rumor Mill Suggests Upcoming 'huge' Dlc For Elden Ring

In recent weeks, the rumors of a ‘huge’ Elden Ring DLC have been gaining traction. There have been multiple reports of new content planned for the game, but no official word has been given by the developers. Speculations have been flying around, with many fans wondering just what this massive DLC could be. In this article, we will take a look at the rumors surrounding the massive Elden Ring DLC, what kind of content it could include, and the potential release date.

Rumors of a ‘Huge’ DLC

The rumors of a massive DLC package for Elden Ring first started circulating around July of 2020 on Reddit and other gaming forums. At that time, the rumor was that this DLC would be a “larger package” and would include additional content. Since then, these rumors have grown and evolved, with whispers of additional content such as new locations, characters, weapons, and more.

What Could Be Included?

The exact details of what could be included in the DLC are still up in the air, but some have speculated that it could include additional story content, new maps, and additional weapons and upgrades. Of course, there has been no official confirmation from From Software or Bandai Namco on specifically what will be included in the package, but the rumors are still exciting.

Potential Release Date

As of yet, there has been no official announcement from the developers on when the Elden Ring DLC will be released. However, based on the rumors circulating, it is believed that the DLC could be released as early as 2021. Some have speculated that the release date could be as early as December 2021, while others believe that it could be released sometime in the Spring of 2022.

The overall reaction to the speculation of DLC content has been varied; some were not surprised while others have speculated on the content. Someone even suggested that the possibility of forthcoming DLC had been affirmed by a statement from the game Director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, though no official confirmation has been made, so any notions pertaining to its contents remain purely conjectural.

Following the upcoming release of Armored Core 6, which will be featured at the Taiwan Game Show, FromSoftware has their attention centred on the game. Therefore, if there were to be any DLC for Elden Ring, the timing of it would need to not conflict with the release of Armored Core 6.


The rumors of an upcoming Elden Ring DLC are exciting for fans of the game and the souls like games in general. While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, it is likely that the DLC will include additional content such as a new story, maps, and weapons. As of yet, there has been no word on when the DLC might be released, but speculation suggests that it could be as early as 2021.

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